[studio visit] 작가스튜디오 방문#2_Duke CHOI

Duke Choi(b.1989) is a Korean-American artist, born and raised in Southern California in various cities throughout Los Angeles County and Orange County.  In the late fall of 2012, he received his Korean Citizenship and began to working in studios around Seoul by investigating self-identity, culture, and political history through re-integrating his ancestral roots in a new society. This investigation ranges from researching archives, documentation, video works, installations, performances, drawings, and writing that stem from the sub consciousness effects of the geostrategic region which he coins as a “Political Island”. This theorizes the relationship between human and water and the evitable creation of borders that is in a constant ever-changing-form connected to resources, politics, and economy. It can trigger civil wars, revolutions, and coup de’tats in which this experience becomes the personal narrative.

- 일 시: 2015. 7. 1 (수) 오후 7시 

- 장 소: 토탈미술관 집합

- 참여작가: Duke CHOI (최인호)

- 진 행: 신보슬

- 코디네이터: 김은아, 추희정, 최단비

- 참가신청: 이름 / 신청날짜 / 연락처 / 인원수

- 문의: tel. 02-379-3994